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hi hello welcome to a-nim-e , a group meant for you to share your art with other members blush blush by Emoji-kun
the rules of the group are quite simple and easy to follow so please do take a peek at them, don't be shy oi oi by Emoji-kun

we do have an art standard but don't be afraid to try submitting any of your works! we're looking for artists with high potential and a wish to improve!! we're really sorry if your work gets rejected, please understand and work hard to reach the level that will please firstly yourself and then us!! Crai 2 by Emoji-kun

submit only your own art!

the admins have created this group for a reason that there are quite a few groups like this one that are inactive and/or are very confusing when it comes to folders. while creating the folders in gallery we were thinking of the members. we wanted to make a small selection of categories that would be simple to follow and choose which one to submit to. another thing we are keeping in mind is folders getting full. when this event occurs we will close the submissions for the full folders and open new ones to avoid confusion. if there aren't a lot of errors with the folder choice we might change the settings to accept automatically, but this option highly depends on the members behavior.

thank you for taking your time to look at our groups page, we hope you have a nice day!! biron by Emoji-kun

galley clean-ups



Fri Jan 2, 2015, 6:22 PM


this is a group with an art standard
it's not like we're ultra strict about the quality of your art pieces, we just like to see that you're improving and on a good way! still, don't be too scared to try and submit, we don't bite or judge!

promoting yourself on the groups page is not allowed
if you do this your comment will instantly be hidden. if you keep doing this we will not hesitate to block you from the groups page.

submitting to the wrong folder will lead to rejection
we do not have any strikes or warning when it comes to this so don't worry much if this happens to you, just try again, choosing the right folder this time!

thiefs and tracers will not be tolerated
we will absolutelly not stand for art theft and tracing. eye-balling is in our opinion a sort of theft as well so these kind of people will not be accepted to the group either. the groups of deviants mentioned above will be blocked right away.
if aquiring an information that a member is an art thief please report via note


only anime art is allowed
in this rule, we are reffering that art of cartoons such as my little pony, adventure time and such are not allowed unless it is drawn in anime style (or drewn as a gijinka in mlp case). realism is not preferable either but semi-realism is acceptable. creatures from anime such as digimon and pokemon are tolerable. humanoids/anthros are ok too.

finished work is preferable
this would mean we do not accept WIP's and similar. clean sketches can pass.

mature filter on nsfw works is a must
we wouldn't want someone to see boob and penises flying everywhere. by dA policies filter is needed for mature content so we'd appreciate if you'd respect that.

edits are a no-no
whether it has a credit or not, we do not accept edits. have in mind that if you do try submitting an edit to the group the admins will probably nag you if you didn't give credit to the original artist, sorry.

no base art please
unless it is an adoptable drewn on an original base you were granted premission to use and gave credit to in your description, we will not accept your submission to the group.


original digital: digitally drawn art of your own or other deviants original character/s

original traditional: traditionally drew art of your own original character/s

fanart digital: digitally drawn art of a character/s from an anime/game/project/show

fanart traditional:
traditionally drew art of a character/s from an anime/game/project/show

original chibi digital: digitally drawn chibi art of your own or other deviants original character/s

original chibi traditional: traditionally drew chibi art of your own or other deviants original character/s

fanart chibi digital: digitally drawn chibi art of a character/s from an anime/game/project/show

fanart chibi traditional:
traditionally drew chibi art of a character/s from an anime/game/project/show

original pixel: pixel art (chibi or not) of your own or other deviants original charcter/s

fanart pixel: pixel art (chibi or not) of a character/s from an anime/game/project/show

adoptables: character/s up for sale (open or not, for money or not)

original bases: bases (chibi or not) made by you from the scratch

commission promos: deviations/journals containing your commission info

More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Alessa's Domain by Luminosity-Shade
Enough Tears To Fill an Ocean With by Devioushornswoggle
Dreams and wishes by Izunichi
SiBiS: light fades out by fuumika
original digital
[R] Melissa by riuuzu
Commission - Ladystar (2) by RanTheMutant
.: AT | Nai :. by Kioyori
.: CM | Jichi :. by Kioyori
original traditional
Haru by shishi16125
.:OC:. Do you like me? by PrettyGlare
Copics: meteorite by dathie
Dreams and wishes by Izunichi
fanart digital
Diaochan by nooroodle
A3! - Flower Sounds by nooroodle
[Speedpaint] Sagiri by ViviNoSekai
possibly a yandere by alaskawastaken
fanart traditional
Wedding by Izunichi
Devil Survivor - Protagonist by ciel-kurogami
Persona 5 - Protagonist by ciel-kurogami
original CHIBI digital
Chibi Commission:: Ren by Amaiii-nyan88
its me by nooroodle
Chibi Commission:: Tooru by Amaiii-nyan88
Chibi Commission:: Abia by Amaiii-nyan88
original CHIBI traditional
[Commission] Cali by Asuhinee-Adopt
Chibi Sketch Commission 40 by Yu-Tanni
The Red Balloon by GruviaPon
fanart CHIBI digital
AT : Bowtiewashere by panako
Kanna Kamui Chibi by Amaiii-nyan88
Whi-two Chibi by Amaiii-nyan88
Card Captor Sakura by floradore
fanart CHIBI traditional
Neko Ezreal by miiwua
Heartseeker Ashe by Lighane
Asuka Langley Soryu -Evangelion- by Homishi
Chibi Madotsuki - copic markers by Nasuki100
original PIXEL
C :: An Old Fashion Gal by Devioushornswoggle
[OC] Mamoru (Gif) by dasuri
ichigo777 [c] by bbao
hello? [c] by bbao
fanart PIXEL
[Icon] Haruhi by na-o-mi
OPEN Adoptable AUCTION by ki-noko
original bases
commission promos etc.
[Commission Auction] Experimental Chibi [OPEN] by tshuki












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My past few submissions have expired... Is this group active anymore? :?
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